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Hoover Lyrics: Lean / Fattest bag around town, the law what I don't fuck with / Saddest frown around town, the dogs get to barkin', homie / Bag filled with white lies, sword in the drawer, homie Yung Lean: In My Head fick betyg av 10 av våra 15 källor. Kristoffer Viita, Kulturnyheterna, betyg 4: “Kulturkrocken när svenskt svårmod remixas med drömmen om amerikansk gränslöshet är till en början förförisk men byts mot en obehaglig fixering. 2021-04-17 · Yung Lean is a rapper, singer and producer hailing from Stockholm, Sweden who was born on July 18th 1996. Since his debut in 2011 he has released one studio album, E.P and mixtape, and has helped pioneer a slowed-down, emotional style of hip-hop through his label Sad Boys Entertainment.

Yung lean reddit

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On “Yayo,” Yung Lean talks about his rise in the music industry to the prominent spot that he is at. The title of the song calls back to Lean’s addiction to cocaine (yayo) in 2015. Yung Lean is the pseudonym of Jonathan Aron Leandoer Håstad, an amateur rapper from Sweden known for his use of dreamy synth pop and lyrics focusing on video games and specific American brand names, including Arizona Iced Tea, North Face jackets and Gatorade sports drinks. Described as a polarizing figure in the European hip hop community due to his subdued rapping style, Yung Lean gained Shine Lyrics: If I die / Shine / All I do is outshine / I can't go outside / I do this for my life / Fluorescent lights / I need a bitch by my side / All my brothers gon' rise / All I do is osu! » beatmaps » Yung Lean - Ginseng Strip 2002.

Kurator-recensioner. In my head är en dokumentär om Yung Lean gjord av Henrik Burman. Nu gillar jag Yung Lean men jag tror att dokumentären är kul att se även om man kanske inte förstår honom. Facebook Twitter Linked in Reddit Mail.

by: Matthew Strauss; April 29 2020. Listen: rap sorcerer Yung Lean returns with his most enjoyable and aesthetically mature Listen to Unknown Memory: ☯ ♰ ♰ ☯ ♰ ♰ Produced by Yung Gud & Whitearmor93 Video by PWR studio (www. Listen to Warlord by @lvtrkevinproduced by @yung_gud @whitearmor1 Official Video made by Dj Ferrari (Emrik Meshesha). Track is from Unknown Death 2002.

Charli, Yung Lean and Bladee collab update :) · do it · Spotted in LA · his mullet fire · Bladee pillow finally arrived · Carti liked @year0001online's post · Kyoto just hit 

Yung lean reddit

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Yung lean reddit

De senaste tweetarna från @yungleann Shine Lyrics: If I die / Shine / All I do is outshine / I can't go outside / I do this for my life / Fluorescent lights / I need a bitch by my side / All my brothers gon' rise / All I do is Listen to Warlord by @lvtrkevinproduced by @yung_gud @whitearmor1 Ginseng Strip 2002 Lyrics: 2003 / Arizona Iced Out Boys / Yung Leandoer, shawty / Emotional boys, 2001 / Emotional shawties in this bitch / Makaveli / Bitches come and go, brah / But you know I stay – Yung Lean, Dazed.
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Yung lean reddit

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Yung lean reddit

– Yung Lean, Dazed. It’s about being alone in a big marble house with white marble floors filled with burning golden candles and everything comes alive when you’re alone.

Popular music from the country of Sweden. Jag googlade, lyssnade även på en låt? fortfarande lite oklart, men.

196 votes, 103 comments. So I was talking to Yung Lean today, I fielded him some questions from the HHH community and then a few more that I have …

Everything hip-hop, R&B and Future Beats! The latest mixtapes  114k members in the HipHopImages community. For when listening to rap music just isn't enough. Woesum - Airwalker (feat. Yung Lean & Bladee) [official video] · watch?

Jonatan Aron Leandoer Håstad (born 18 July 1996), popularly known as Yung Lean, is a Swedish recording artist and the face of the Sad Boys. Lean started out his success from the Listen: songwriting and vocal performances on Starz often leave a lot to be desired, though the Whitearmor pro Yung Lean; Unknown Memory. by: Jonah Bromwich; September 24 2014.